Manager- Legal

Esri India
Noida, India
Added: May 11, 2024

This role aims to strengthen the Legal Services Organisation Function (LSO) of the Company. The person shall be the primary point of contact for Contract Management within the Company as an Individual Contributor (IC). Position will be based at Esri India headquarters in Noida and shall report to Head- Legal & Company Secretary.

a) Independent Contract Drafting & Review:

- Prepare, review, and negotiate contracts, ensuring compliance with company policies and legal requirements.

- Collaborate with internal teams to address any contractual concerns and mitigate risks.

b) Contract Administration:

- Monitor contract performance to ensure both parties meet obligations.

- Handle contract modifications and amendments as needed.

c) Risk Management :

- Identify and assess potential risks associated with contracts.

- Develop strategies to minimize and mitigate contractual risks.

d) Inter-department skills :

- Act as the primary point of contact for internal and external stakeholders involved in contracts.

- Communicate contract-related information to relevant departments.

e) Documentation and Record-Keeping:

- Maintain accurate and organized contract records.

- Prepare reports on contract status and performance.

f) Compliance:

- Ensure contracts comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

- Keep abreast of changes in laws and regulations affecting contracts.

g) Conflict Resolution:

- Address and resolve any disputes or conflicts arising during the contract lifecycle.

h) Training and Education :

- Provide training to internal teams on contract management best practices.

- Stay informed about industry trends and best practices in contract management

Desired Skillset

-Degree in Law from any reputed university/college.

-Proven experience in contract management or a similar role.

-Strong understanding of legal and contractual terms.

-Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

-Detail-oriented with strong organizational and time-management abilities