IPT Deployment Manager

European Space Agency - ESA
Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Added: April 20, 2024

IPT Deployment Manager

Job Requisition ID: 18531

Closing Date: 3 May 2024 23:59 CET/CEST

Establishment: ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands

Directorate: Directorate of Connectivity and Secure Communicati

Publication: Internal & External

Type of Contract: Permanent

Date Posted: 12 April 2024

Vacancy in the Directorate of Connectivity and Secure Communications.

ESA is an equal opportunity employer, committed to achieving diversity within the workforce and creating an inclusive working environment. We therefore welcome applications from all qualified candidates irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, beliefs, age, disability or other characteristics. Applications from women are encouraged.

This post is classified A5-A5 on the Coordinated Organisations’ salary scale.


ESTEC, Noordwijk, Netherlands with a resident assignment to Brussels, Belgium.


Integrated Programme Team Deployment Manager in IRIS² Integrated Programme Team in Secure Connectivity Programme Department in the Directorate of Connectivity and Secure Communications.

On 15 March 2023, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union adopted Regulation (EU) 2023/588 establishing the Union Secure Connectivity Programme for the period 2023–2027.

The objective of the EU Secure Connectivity Programme is to deploy an EU satellite constellation, IRIS² (Infrastructure for Resilience, Interconnectivity and Security by Satellite). The Programme will provide an EU satellite-based, multiorbital communication infrastructure for governmental use while integrating and complementing existing and future national and European capacities in the framework of the GOVSATCOM component of the EU Space Programme.

The ESA Programme Related to EU Secure Connectivity, hereinafter referred to as the “ESA Programme”, is intended to support the effective development and validation of the EU Secure Connectivity (IRIS²) governmental infrastructure, which is to be developed, deployed and operated under a concession contract signed by the EU with a private consortium, and the services provided by it, as well as the validation and demonstration of services based on the commercial infrastructure developed by the contractors delivering the EU Secure Connectivity governmental infrastructure.

The European Commission and ESA will set up an Integrated Programme Team (IPT) to manage the EU IRIS² Programme and, in particular, the related concession contract, and to ensure close coordination between all activities relating to IRIS².

As IPT Deployment Manager, you will functionally report to the Head of the Secure Connectivity and Space Surveillance Unit in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space (DG DEFIS) and hierarchically to the Head of the Secure Connect Department in ESA.

Interfacing with the Head of the ESA Secure Connectivity Programme Department, you will aim to ensure close coordination between ESA and the European Commission in the implementation of activities relating to IRIS².

Initial assignment to Brussels is until Q1 2028 with a possible extension, within the framework of the 12 year Contribution Agreement between ESA and EC. At the end of the assignment, you will be reassigned to a position within CSC Directorate.


Under the direct functional authority of the European Commission Head of the Integrated Programme Team, you will:

  • be responsible for the timely deployment of the specified governmental infrastructure;
  • interface with industry through the concession contract and rely on ESA for supervision of industrial activities relating to the development and validation of the governmental infrastructure in accordance with the agreements between ESA and the Commission;
  • conduct all IPT activities relating to the definition, development, validation, deployment and preparation of the operational/exploitation phase of the IRIS² governmental infrastructure and its interfaces with the IRIS² commercial infrastructure and standalone systems providing “light gov” services;
  • report to and support the Head of the Integrated Programme Team as required.

In addition, you will perform a liaison role between the Commission IPT and the ESA Secure Connectivity Programme Department. As such, you will:

  • manage and ensure a smooth flow of information between Commission policy officers, the Commission’s services in charge of the infrastructure, and their ESA Programme counterparts;
  • support the ESA Head of the Secure Connectivity Programme Department and the ESA Director of Connectivity and Secure Communications in their programmatic coordination activities with the Commission;
  • support the ESA Head of the Secure Connectivity Programme Department in all matters relating to programme-level;
  • report – both within ESA internally and externally – to stakeholders and to ESA delegate bodies, such as the JCB, IPC and AFC;
  • as ESA senior member of the IPT, ESA IPT staff (except in specific cases) will be under your hierarchical authority (e.g., management of ESA administrative and regulatory aspects);
  • be responsible for identifying, assessing, managing and reporting the health and safety risks in your area of responsibility.

Technical competencies

Experience with the implementation of large space programmes or projects, preferably in partnership with industry or operators and ideally in the telecommunications domain

Demonstrated experience with the set‐up and management of a team of specialists working towards a common goal

Understanding of the Agency's relationship with other stakeholders, in particular other space agencies, European institutions and other key partner organisations and institutions.

Experience with the implementation of large programmes conducted in cooperation with the European Commission or other public agencies or organisations.

Knowledge of satellite communications markets and services (governmental and commercial) and industry (manufacturers and operators), especially in a European context

Behavioural competencies

Result Orientation

Operational Efficiency

Fostering Cooperation

Relationship Management

Continuous Improvement

Forward Thinking


A master’s degree in engineering, preferably complemented by a master’s degree in business administration, is required for this post.

Additional Requirements

  • ability to manage, guide and motivate individuals or a team in a project setting;
  • leadership capabilities, with proven relationship management and communication skills;
  • ability to drive a team’s performance, developing people by encouraging learning and by delegating;
  • capability to think and communicate in a structured way;
  • capability to synthesise complex technical issues and communicate them concisely and clearly;
  • capability to focus on the “big picture” while being able to comprehend and manage detailed technical issues when needed;
  • problem-solving skills to deal with day-to-day operational challenges, together with demonstrated planning and organisational skills;
  • result orientation with the ability to set priorities and present practical solutions both orally and in writing.

People management experience is an asset, as is international experience, i.e. outside your home country, as well as experience in diverse functional areas relevant to ESA activities.

For behavioural competencies expected from ESA staff in general, please refer to the ESA Competency Framework.

For further information please visit: Professionals, What we offer and FAQ

The working languages of the Agency are English and French. A good knowledge of one of these is required.

Knowledge of another Member State language would be an asset.

Applicants must be eligible to access technology and hardware which is subject to European and US export control regulations and for security clearance by their national security administrations.

The Agency may require applicants to undergo selection tests.

At the Agency we value diversity and we welcome people with disabilities. Whenever possible, we seek to accommodate individuals with disabilities by providing the necessary support at the workplace. The Human Resources Department can also provide assistance during the recruitment process. If you would like to discuss this further please contact us at

Please note that applications are only considered from nationals of one of the following States: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

According to the ESA Convention, the recruitment of staff must take into account an adequate distribution of posts among nationals of the ESA Member States*. When short-listing for an interview, priority will first be given to internal candidates and secondly to external candidates from under-represented Member States*.

In accordance with the European Space Agency’s security procedures and as part of the selection process, successful candidates will be required to undergo basic screening before appointment conducted by an external background screening service.

  • Member States, Associate Members or Cooperating States.