Internship Embedded algorithm for spacedrop™ proximity operations

Toulouse, France
Added: February 24, 2024
Job Description 👨‍💻

Exotrail is expanding its s pace drop™ service towards a reusable space van™ . Proximity operations are key technology to be able to refuel the space van™ in space but also to expand the Exotrail in-orbit logistics services. To support it, our In-Orbit-Services team is looking for an intern with flight computer and GNC skills to build embedded software able to compute proximity operations under constraints. The internship is expected to last 6 months. The start date would ideally be from early march to end april 2024 .

Your job will be to define and implement a rendezvous algorithm prototype onto the on-board computer of the space van™ based on our current algorithm on proximity operations design for ground operations. This algorithm will be analyzed to compare the performance in terms of accuracy, reactivity, safety with our ground algorithm.

During the internship, you will be under the supervision of the space drop ™ expert and you will be in close contact with engineers from space drop™ teams. You will work on several tasks including:

📌 Define concepts of operations for rendezvous activities and adapt it to the current space van™ architecture.

📌 Perform missions analysis, determine the key parameters and compare solutions performance

📌 Analyze failure mode of the preferred architecture and the mitigation to put in place

📌 Implement the RDV algorithm on the on-board computer (C/C++ or python)

📌 Validate it on ground with a test plan and the computer in the loop

📌 Possible demonstration on orbit.

You will be joining a dynamic and motivated team based in the city centre of Toulouse. The development team operates following the Agile method, allowing to progress at a fast pace with a customer-oriented approach. We accord great importance to freedom, autonomy, and responsibility. You will benefit from the support of all the team in space dynamics and software development, our two areas of expertise in Toulouse.

Preferred Experience 💁‍♀️

To complete this internship, Exotrail is looking for a young engineer or developer with a solid background in flight computer, GNC, control theory, space mechanics and spacecraft engineering. A proactive attitude and a high degree of autonomy are also expected. Interest or previous experience with the following are appreciated:

  • Flight computer
  • Space mechanics for proximity operations
  • Automation loops for spacecraft
  • C/C++ or python
  • Spacecraft system engineering

A friendly attitude and team spirit are appreciated.

You like working in a changing and challenging environment. You enjoy working in a team, bringing in new ideas and debating with your colleagues to move the project forward. You are an action-oriented person, and you want to bring agility to space and develop new services based on high-level technologies.

About Our Recruitment Process 🤝

We are committed to recruiting the right people for the right job regardless of your private background.

We meet at least one times in order to give you a better idea of what it's like to work at Exotrail:

  • Technical interview with your future manager: You will learn more about the position and the required qualifications.
  • Management interview with one of the Exotrail’s founder: You will learn more about Exotrail’s value and vision.