Information Technology Business System Analyst

Wipro Limited
Fremont, CA
Added: March 21, 2024


The main function of a business systems analyst is to create a data pipeline, analyze science, engineering, business and all other data processing problems for application to electronic data processing systems. A typical business systems analyst is responsible for analyzing user requirements, procedures and problems to automate or improve existing systems and review computer system capabilities, workflow and scheduling limitations.


• Gather requirements from business units and translate those to programmers and developers.

• Confer with clients regarding the nature of the information processing or computation needs.

• Prepare cost-benefit and return-on-investment analyses to aid in decisions on system implementation.

• Interview or survey workers, observe job performance or perform the job to determine what information is processed and how it is processed.

• Coordinate and link the computer systems within an organization to increase compatibility and so information can be shared.

• Consult with management to ensure agreement on system principles.

• Expand or modify system to serve new purposes or improve work flow.


Needed Skills for EXE Pipelines & Dashboards

Following skills are needed for team members to be successful in dealing with EXE’s data projects in the near future:


Advanced query skills in Presto, especially Joins, Group By, and various Functions (e.g. Aggregate, Windows, String, Date & Time, Regular Expressions)

Basic DBA skills on table creation, partition, and updates will be handy


Basic charting skills in Tableau Desktop and Web Authoring Help

Or equivalent knowledge on other BI presentation tool like Power BI, or advanced charting skills in Excel or G Sheet


Mid-level proficiency, able to decipher, debug, and maintain existing EXE BI pipeline

Best programming practices, including code review and critique

Internal Data Tools

Ability to comprehend and learn from company's technical wiki pages, include Data @organization and related technical offerings

Comfortable with data tools like Daiquery, iData

Unix Commands (Basic) and Text Editor(s) (Any)

Basic knowledge to issue Unix commands and editing script files

For administering FTP servers and/or future backend servers/containers

Most important of all, a desire and the ability for unrelenting Self-Learning and Problem-Solving


• Bachelor's degree in a technical field such as computer science, computer engineering or related field required. MBA or other related advanced degree preferred.