Graphical Software Developer

Added: February 15, 2024
Company Description

CGG is a global geoscience technology leader. Employing around 3,700 people worldwide, CGG provides a comprehensive range of data, products, services and solutions that support our clients to more efficiently and responsibly solve complex natural resource, environmental and infrastructure challenges.

Our geoscience solutions mobilize the expertise and ingenuity of our exceptional geoscientists, data scientists, researchers and engineers, and leverage the latest data analytics, machine learning and AI technologies to deliver new insights and innovations that enable our clients to achieve their business and energy transition goals in new, more sustainable ways.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of multi-disciplinary, multi-client products including analytics-ready geoscience data and the industry’s most technologically advanced seismic data library in the world’s key locations.

Job Description

Be Part of Us

Be part of the team responsible for ensuring the efficiency, ease of use, reliability, and scalability of the core graphical software applications for seismic imaging. In this role, you will develop and maintain the 3D data visualization tools, components, and technologies that are used for high-end geophysical data analysis. You will work to create functional and efficient application interfaces and build and release processes. You will participate in design discussions, development, and deployment in large scale state-of-the-art computing facilities across the world with a geographically dispersed developer team and user base.

At the forefront of implementing innovation in software programs, our Software Developers have to deliver software in liaison with intelligent standard and information system. Continuously improving functionalities, improve programming productivity and optimize maintenance costs are part of the challenges. As a global technology and high performing computing leader, software development in CGG is about transforming requirements into features, managing development processes, and conducting software testing and maintenance.

Our job is to leverage on curiosity and passion in science to become an established leader in delivering outstanding Geoscience services by uncovering new ways for our stakeholders to be more efficient and responsible, for a more sustainable future.

Job Overview

  • Adhere to development recommendations and timeline, ensure that results comply with the standard required; Identify technical problems and participate in determining any corrective actions required
  • Participate in analyzing and designing software within a development team; Develop modules, carry out unit and integration tests and initial validation
  • Provide timely user support, make the necessary changes, produce new versions, and carry out unit and integration tests and initial validation
  • Port software onto other machines or operating systems and adapt it to third-party applications
  • Produce the technical documentation associated with the life cycle of the software development and the maintenance tasks
  • Create functional and efficient application interfaces and build and release processes

Key Skills & Experience

Desired Job Skillsets:

  • C/C++ fluency / OpenGL /GLSL fluency / Python /C++11 / STL
  • Object-oriented programming / API design experience
  • Debugging / profiling / optimizing experience
  • Experience with full life cycle of development, including product release
  • Experience with cross-platform / large scale software development
  • Experience with GUI libraries, specifically Qt
  • Experience with Linux Operating System Kernels and multi-threaded programming
  • Strong 3D math skills (linear algebra, vector math)


  • Master’s degree or higher in Computer Science or another field with a programming emphasis, or relevant work experience

Key Competencies

  • Organizational skills to deliver product on time, and according to specification, and to prioritize between tasks when necessary
  • Communication skills to identify difficulties to management, suggest ways a product can be improved, and to acquire additional information needed to complete the assigned programming tasks
  • Innovative mindset
  • Highly motivated and eager to learn
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills

Additional Information

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At CGG, we are dedicated to providing the needs of our employees; and we know every employee has unique personal goals, family circumstances, and preferences. That is why we offer a wide array of benefits to promote and enhance your total well-being:


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We encourage and support the community by fostering commitment among our employees to protect our environment through sustainable, energy-saving and waste reducing solutions through various company initiatives.

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