Fullstack Developer

Inferigence Quotient
Bengaluru, India
Added: January 16, 2024
5-7 years of experience as full stack developer with technologies like Node.js, WebSocket, Python (Django, flask), PHP with front-end technology like AngularJS, Angular2/4/5/6/7 (with NgRx), React.js (with redux), Progressive Web App (PWA).

Experience in Cloud Architecture using Kubernetes (K8s), Docker, Google Kubernetes Engine, Experience in DevOps tools and cloud hosting.

Ability to manage a hosting environment, ability to scale applications to handle the load changes, knowledge of accessibility and security compliance.

Ability to manage APIs; expert knowledge of JSON and XML

Ability to code and create functional web applications and optimizing them for increasing response time and efficiency. Skilled in performance tuning, query plan/ explain plan analysis, indexing, table partitioning.

Expert knowledge of Python and corresponding frameworks with their best practices, expert knowledge of relational databases, database administration, and SQL.

Ability to create acceptance criteria, write test cases and scripts, and perform integrated QA techniques.

Must be conversant with Agile software development methodology, version management and version control. Must be able to write technical documents, coordinate with test teams. Proficiency using Git version control.

Skills:- Javascript, Fullstack Developer, Python and Flask