Electronics Hardware Design Intern

Bangaluru, India
Added: April 3, 2024
KaleidEO, a subsidiary of SatSure, is investing to launch its own fleet of earth observation satellites. We are looking for an Electronics Hardware Design Intern to work on the board design of our novel state-of-the-art multi-spectral earth observation payload.

SatSure is a deep tech, decision Intelligence company that works primarily at the nexus of agriculture, infrastructure, and climate action creating an impact for the other millions, focusing on the developing world. We want to make insights from earth observation data accessible to all.

The synergy of KaleidEO and SatSure aims to bring a new dimension to the earth observation industry by being the only full stack company from India, having satellites in space to deliver insights on ground.


As an Intern at KaleidEO, you will be working on the design of the payload controller of the EO satellites. Your major responsibilities will include understanding the electronics hardware architecture and running simulations for power consumption analysis and signal integrity issues.


  • Support towards electronics design based on the inputs from the satellite/payload teams and requirements from the end user.
  • Developing methodologies and simulations for power optimisation of the existing satellite‚Äôs payload design.
  • Exploring and identifying new techniques and simulations which can be utilised in predicting and mitigating the signal integrity issues..
  • Prepare comprehensive documentation, including reports, presentations, and technical documents.
  • Effectively managing codeworks and simulation files through proper version control using GIT.

General Requirements

  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • Out of the box thinking.
  • Learn and adapt to new tools and softwares quickly.

Basic Qualification And Skills

  • Bachelors in Electronics/ Electrical Engineering or any related fields.
  • Strong background in analog electronics and circuit design.
  • Good knowledge of the Circuit simulation tools, power optimisation techniques and modelling signal integrity scenarios
  • Good programming skills and working experience with Python, C/C++
  • Understanding of satellite subsystems and interdependencies.

Preferred Qualification And Skills

  • Good to have practical experience in circuit simulation and power estimation
  • Good understanding and knowledge of Machine learning.
  • Familiarity with the simulation environment like SPICE, MATLAB etc.
  • Familiarity with embedded systems, microcontroller, FPGAs