EGNOS Cyber Security Manager

EUSPA - EU Agency for the Space Programme
Toulouse, France
Added: April 20, 2024

Important information to candidates before considering applying:

  • Place of employment: Toulouse (France).
  • This vacancy is only open to nationals of a Member State of the European Union, Iceland or Norway

We are looking for an EGNOS Cyber Security Manager who will be responsible for the implementation of the cyber security requirements applicable for EGNOS. This entails the flow-down of the cyber requirements, their implementation and follow-up on EGNOS contracts, in close coordination with the other Agency departments, the various stakeholders, service providers and industrial partners.

The jobholder will be entrusted with the following main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Define and implement the cyber requirements implementation plan considering the Galileo experience/know-how and synergies;
  • Ensure the flow-down of the cyber requirements for the European Space Agency (ESA) and the relevant industrial/operator contract(s);
  • Establish/maintain a EUSPA Statement of Compliance to the applicable cyber requirements, and identify the potential deviation and ensure that the associated waiver(s) are made available and timely processed;
  • Monitor and report on the effectiveness of the implemented cyber security measures, the associated security risk mitigations and treatment plans;
  • Participate to the planification of the Agency associated activities and industrial contractors with the other departments of the Agency;
  • Actively contribute to the Agency transversal functional cyber coordination meetings, including support to the Agency cyber security framework development and implementation;
  • Contribute to defining cyber auditing and testing activities and following-up on their results;
  • Chair the EGNOS Cyber Security Panel (CSP) and act as a Member of the Programme Requirements Control Board Security Control Formation (PRCB-SCF), board established to provide recommendations on decision making for cyber, in particular when granting waivers and ensuring the appropriateness of the proposed recovery plan;
  • Contribute to the supervision of the EGNOS Service Operations for what concerns security aspects, to the overall EGNOS exploitation security activities coordination and to other tasks of the EGNOS Exploitation Department, as necessary;
  • Support and manage related procurements;
  • Travel regularly to other Agency sites.

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