Drone Survey Assistant Manager

Genesys International Corporation Ltd
Mumbai, India
Added: February 26, 2024

Drone Survey Assistant Manager - Mumbai

Key Responsibilities:

Project Planning and Coordination:

· Develop and implement comprehensive plans for drone survey projects, considering scope, timelines, and resources.

· Coordinate with managers, and Team to understand project requirements and expectations.

Team Leadership :

· Lead and supervise a team of drone pilots, and support staff.

· Provide guidance, training, and support to ensure the team's proficiency and adherence to safety protocols.

Equipment Management:

· Oversee the maintenance, calibration, and deployment of drone equipment.

· Ensure that all equipment is in optimal condition for surveys and implement upgrades as necessary.

Regulatory Compliance:

· Stay informed about and ensure compliance with local and regulations governing drone operations.

· Obtain necessary permits and permissions for survey projects were ever Required .

Data Analysis:

· Collaborate with data processing teams to ensure accurate and timely processing of survey data.

· Analyse survey data to derive meaningful insights and recommendations.

Team Communication:

· Act as a primary point of contact for Team during survey projects.

· Provide regular updates, address concerns, and ensure Team satisfaction.


· Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (e.g., Geomatics, Surveying, Engineering).

· DGCA Approved Drone Pilot/ instructor Licence.

· Proven experience in managing drone survey projects, preferably in diverse environments.

· Strong understanding of drone technology, survey methodologies.

· Excellent leadership and team management skills.

· Proficiency in relevant software tools for data analysis and mapping.

· Familiarity with regulatory requirements for drone operations.

· Effective communication and interpersonal skills.