Design Engineer IV - Embedded Systems

NewSpace Research and Technologies
Bengaluru East, India
Added: February 24, 2024
Who We Are

We are a start-up based out of Bengaluru amp; Delhi NCR. We are engaged in development of next generation missions and technologies (NGMamp;T) towards future warfare needs of the Indian defence forces. We are undertaking research towards enhancing persistence and autonomy for unmanned vehicles and robotic swarms. NRT’s product development portfolio includes various aerial vehicles such as solar power stratospheric high altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS), air/ground launched autonomous loitering munitions, indoor intervention Unmanned Aerial Vehicles etc .

Roles And Responsibilities

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer/ C/C++ developer working on Embedded Linux, developing device drivers, BSP and applications for various embedded processors and controllers. Primary responsibility will be to design and develop device drivers, board support software and embedded applications on NRTs hardware platforms. The position involves a significant level of autonomy and responsibility in which a self-motivated applicant must work independently to design, develop, build and test software solutions.

Must Have Skills

  • Strong proficiency in C99/C++ 14, with fair knowledge of the language specification
  • Experienced in Embedded Linux BSPs development on new custom hardware designs including U-Boot, Linux Kernel, Linux Device Drivers Programming, Yocto, Build-root for ARM SoC’s like Xilinx Zynq, Qualcomm-Snapdragon, TI-OMAP, NXP i.MX etc.
  • Creating custom meta layers, custom images, adding recipes for customized embedded Linux platforms in Yocto.
  • Experienced in development of Linux Device Drivers for peripherals like-V4L2 Camera sensor drivers (MIPI-CSI2), Display connectors (MIPI-DSI) side in DRM Subsystem and legacy V4L2 output Frame buffer Drivers for Display Panels, DDR3/4 bring up, Audio Codec(I2S), Ethernet PHY, Wi-Fi (SDIO), BT(USB-UART) on ARM SoC’s platforms
  • Experienced in modifications of Device tree, Linux kernel 4.x, 5.x versions U-Boot for Board bring-up
  • Experienced in porting mainline Linux kernel versions - by applying ARM SoC and board specific changes.
  • Should have good experience in Linux System Programming (design and development of multi-threaded POSIX user space applications and IPC communication mechanism and synchronization)
  • Experienced in debugging the code using tools like Ctags, Cscope, GDB, Trace32, Source Insight, Serial console, lxr, procfs and sysfs
  • Worked with proffessional software development processes and documentation
  • Good team player with reasonable communication skills. Quick learner and adaptable.

Good To Have Skills

  • Experience in working with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs and platforms
  • Experience with NVIDIA Jetson SoCs and platforms
  • Experience and knowledge on Robotic Operating System (ROS1/ROS2)
  • Experience with security processors, secure applications and coding
  • Good understanding of hardware and/or FPGA RTL

Basic Requirement (education amp; relevant experience):

  • Bachelors/Master’s in Computer Science or Electronics Engineering
  • 6-10 years of relevant development experience