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Lozanna, Switzerland/Remote
Added: February 9, 2024
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Our mission is supported by an ambitious vertically integrated approach: design & manufacture of small satellites combined with development of earth observation services.

Since its creation in 2018, the company has already grown substantially. Our team gathers more than 25 engineering expertise, from hardware design to software development & data science.

In 2023, Aerospacelab counts offices in Belgium, France, Switzerland and USA with more than 200 full-time employees, with the ambition to position itself as the European leader in small satellites.

To strengthen our team, we are looking for a :

Deputy CTO Role Overview

As the Leader of Telecom Product line, this role is crucial in guiding Aerospacelab through its ambition to develop satellites for communication applications.

Central to this position is the definition of the product roadmap and the technologies to be developed inside Aerospacelab.

This leadership position demands a strategic balance between innovative technology adoption and knowledge of the market and competition. The incumbent will navigate complex integrations of technology, customers’ requirements and manufacturing challenges, aligning each project with Aerospacelab’s vision of operational excellence and creativity.

Key Responsibilities

  • Telecommunication Leadership: Act as the principal driver for Aerospacelab telecom initiatives, ensuring a cohesive and strategic integration of advanced technologies across the engineering organization. Lead the deployment of key projects and aligning them with Aerospacelab’s strategy.
  • Strategic Project Management: Develop and implement robust management frameworks for overseeing technology projects. Ensure a harmonious balance between innovation and operational efficiency, while maintaining comprehensive visibility into project progression, challenges, and successes
  • Cross-Functional Team Coordination:
    • Assemble and lead multidisciplinary teams to develop Telecom product line, ensuring alignment with corporate strategy.
    • Collaborate closely with internal and external stakeholders to establish technology standards, design playbooks, and implementation roadmaps.
    • Strategically plan and sequence project rollouts, emphasizing risk management, optimizing shared services, and aiming for timely and effective implementation.
  • Intersegment Collaboration: This role requires extensive collaboration across various teams. It’s essential to integrate insights from different areas, share best practices, and leverage synergies to enhance overall technological efficacy.
  • Customer Oversight and External Partnership: Be the primary point of contact of communication customers in the Engineering team. Engage with and guide external partners, aligning their contributions with the specific technological needs of Aerospacelab. This involves ensuring that external collaborations are in sync with Aerospacelab’ enterprise architecture and strategic goals.
  • Enterprise Technology Delivery: Provide oversight to the other teams like Supply Chain Development, Sales Operations, and Manufacturing, and contribute in improving the methods and anticipation on structuring needs.
Profile/Must Have

Experienced technology executive with proven track record of global team leadership, product innovation, new customer capture, and program execution.