Computer Scientist

Fibertek, Inc.
Fort Belvoir, VA
Added: April 18, 2024

Participate, as part of a research and development team, in the technical development of sensing systems for the US Army, as well as ancillary software necessary to aid teams with rapid prototyping, technical maturation, and research and development efforts. Sensing systems may include electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR), radar threat detection payloads, and many others. Software may include full stack development, software infrastructure and custom toolsets to support development of sensing algorithms, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and data analyses, as well as Augmented Reality implementations, command and control, user interfaces, and many other items dependent on the project.

Essential Job Duties:

  • Participate in team-based software development, engineering, prototype implementation, real time software implementation, data analysis, image processing, algorithm / aided target recognition development, and/or algorithm evaluations.

  • Lead development and implementation of an advanced MLOps platform, including front-end and back-end components, as well as integrating hardware elements when necessary.

  • Innovate and customize workflows to support CMD's project teams in developing state-of-the-art software-intensive sensing systems for detecting and neutralizing explosive hazards.

  • Serve as the primary developer, working under the guidance of a designated team lead, to craft and refine project requirements, develop bespoke code solutions, and integrate a mix of in-house and external tools.

  • Foster strong collaborative relationships with CMD scientists and engineers, ensuring the platform evolves in alignment with user needs and project objectives.

  • Leverage extensive knowledge of modern data storage, processing capabilities, and software tools to support tasks such as image data labeling, truthing, and synthetic data generation.

  • Continuously explore and integrate new technologies and methodologies to enhance the platform's capabilities and ensure it remains at the cutting edge.

  • Work closely with the Countermine Division project teams to tailor and implement solutions that precisely fit their unique requirements.

  • Focus on delivering an initial minimum-viable product, with a commitment to ongoing improvement and adaptation over time.

Pożądane umiejętności i doświadczenie

Experience and Expertise Required:

  • Bachelorâ??s or Masterâ??s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a closely related field.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in a broad range of technologies, including MongoDB, Docker, Singularity, Kubernetes, Django Web Development, Unreal 4 or 5, Linux, and Windows.

  • Expertise in programming languages such as Python, C/C++, with a strong emphasis on developing scalable and robust software solutions.

  • Exceptional ability to work well both within a team and independently, with a balanced approach to collaborative and solo projects.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, coupled with an innovative mindset and a commitment to excellence.