Cloud Data Engineer

Paris, France
Added: April 13, 2024

What is leakmited ?

Join Leakmited: Pioneers in Technology for a Sustainable Water Future. At Leakmited, we do not just build technological solutions; we are forging the future of water distribution. Founded in 2019, our mission is to radically improve the efficiency of water distribution networks around the world. Thanks to our innovative products like 'Sprint', our performance-based leak detection service, and 'Twin', our SaaS solution for network renovation planning, we are revolutionizing the way water is managed and preserved.

As a member of the Leakmited team, you will work at the crossroads of technology, environment, and sustainability. You will actively participate in projects that have a real and positive impact on our planet. We are looking for passionate, innovative people who are ready to face unique challenges to join us in this adventure.

Job description:

We are seeking a highly skilled Engineering Expert with a specialization in cloud technologies and data infrastructure to join our team. This role involves optimizing and managing large-scale data processing and analysis, improving data architecture for product integration, and implementing secure, scalable cloud solutions.

Role objectives:

  • Optimize and oversee the processing and analysis of large tabular data sets for predicting risk zones in water networks.
  • Improve and maintain the data architecture to enable smooth communication between different products, ensuring real-time database updates and model adjustments.
  • Collaborate closely with development teams, data scientists, and infrastructure teams to integrate machine learning solutions effectively across the product ecosystem.

Key responsibilities :

  • Database Architecture and Management: Design, optimize, and maintain high-performance databases, with deep knowledge of Postgres. Ensure data security, integrity, and availability.
  • Cloud Expertise and Automation: Utilize AWS to develop and maintain secure, scalable cloud solutions. Implement automation practices to enhance system data efficiency and reliability.
  • CI/CD and IaC: Develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines for continuous integration and deployment. Use Infrastructure as Code to efficiently and reproducibly manage infrastructure.
  • Software Development: Program in TypeScript and/or Python to develop and integrate data processing solutions and machine learning models.

Expected impact:

  • Significantly enhance the security, performance, and scalability of the data infrastructure and applications.
  • Ensure efficient and secure data management across cloud-optimized systems.
  • Facilitate the rapid and reliable deployment of new features and improvements through automation and advanced CI/CD practices.
  • Contribute to continuous innovation and process improvement within the team through technical expertise in programming, database management, and cloud architecture.

What leakmited offers ?

  • The opportunity to join a rapidly growing startup and actively contribute to the creation of innovative products with a positive environmental impact.
  • A multicultural working environment (with 6 different nationalities).
  • A stimulating work environment focused on collaboration and creativity. You will be a game maker and have ownership.
  • Being a part of a unique adventure: Mission 90+.

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