Climate Risk Engineer

Added: April 5, 2024
Our Purpose

Extreme weather events have increased by 345% in the last 50 years because of urbanization and climate change, causing an aggregated economic loss of $5,2 trillion.

We believe this loss can be avoided.

We are a team of dreamers with an ambitious project: to leverage cutting-edge technology and research to forecast impact and probability of those events better than anyone else.

Join our journey to a data-driven resilient future, together we will make a difference. 🛰️🌎

Your responsibilities as Climate Risk Engineer:

As a Climate Risk Engineer at Eoliann, you will be an integral part of our dynamic team dedicated to shaping a data-driven, resilient future. You will utilize your expertise in environmental modeling, data analysis and climate risk assessment to advance our mission of mitigating the economic losses caused by extreme weather events. If you're passionate about climate change, cutting-edge technology, and are ready to make a real impact, this role is for you.

Here are some of the activities you will be involved in:

  • Large-scale Risk Assessment: At global-scale, assess the probability, intensity, and impact of climate-related events such as landslides, droughts, and wildfires. You will help us model the potential consequences of these events on various aspects, including infrastructure, assets, and communities.
  • Model Development: Work with our data scientists to create and improve models of natural phenomena. You will play a key role in developing and refining predictive models to estimate the likelihood of specific climate events occurring all over the world.
  • Data Sourcing & Analysis: Develop and maintain data pipelines for processing and analyzing climate-related data. You will analyze extensive climate-related data, leveraging historical weather patterns, climate models, and satellite imagery. Your expertise will be crucial in identifying trends, patterns and making insights out of them.

Must Have:

  • Master's degree in a relevant field such as Environmental Engineer, Environmental Meteorology, Engineering for Risk Management, Climate Science, or equivalent background.
  • Proficiency in data analysis and statistical modeling.
  • Familiarity with climate risk assessment methodologies and tools.
  • Experience with geospatial data analysis and GIS software.

Nice to Have:

  • Ph.D. in a relevant field.
  • Experienced in Python.
  • Previous experience in climate risk assessment or related fields.
  • Knowledge of climate change modeling and climate-related datasets.
  • Experience with cloud computing platforms and data storage.
  • Familiarity with financial risk assessment and ESG principles.

Personal Skills:

  • Thrive in a collaborative team environment.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication skills to articulate ideas effectively.
  • Curiosity, initiative, and a willingness to tackle challenging problems.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

What We Look For

TL; DR - If you’re a curious, relentless problem solver who likes great challenges, if you love scientific research and are not scared of being a little bit out of the ordinary, if you’re passionate about cutting-edge technology and eager to use it for a better future, Eoliann is the right place for you!

  • Passion. You love what you do, you seek deep feelings about ideas, activities and people, you're eager to share these feelings with the team and feed each other's passion to make working satisfactory and productive. You help others deal with less likeable tasks.
  • Curiosity and initiative. You love exploration, you learn new concepts and skills rapidly, and love to go in-depth. You don't look for routines or repetitive work because you are always ready for new tasks, activities and roles.
  • Depth of reasoning and problem solving. You want to build something great from scratch and be fully responsible for it. You want to make the rules. You can handle multiple tasks and responsibilities and still want our results to be as accurate as possible and to respect scientific methodology.
  • Ability to handle uncertainty and speed. You comfortably deal with high levels of uncertainty and are willing to work using Agile frameworks and with a very flexible company structure. While focused on accuracy and detail, you still understand that sometimes speed is as important as accuracy in a fast-changing world.
  • Proficiency in English. You read, write, and speak proficiently in English.

🎁 What we offer

  • People-first culture. The wellbeing of all team members is our top priority. Your needs and personal life goals will be seriously considered in company decisions. We want to build an inclusive workplace and thrive with a diverse workforce; we are committed to the wellbeing of all team members. These values are reflected in every step of our operations.
  • Talented, like-minded colleagues. Talent and excellence of each Eoliann team member is what we are proud of the most. By joining you will grow together with some of the brightest minded people you’ll ever meet. Your talent is going to bloom.
  • Shaping the organization and evolving your role. Dynamism is crucial for every company and person. We see Eoliann as a continuously evolving creature that adapts to the needs of people inside and outside the company. If you haven’t found something that fits you yet, it’s time to build it together.
  • Flexible schedule and Remote Working. We are flexible on the work arrangements: we try to make the best use of in-presence attendance and to make the office experience worth living, but people you can still work from home when needed.
  • Advanced, state-of-the art tools and technology. We are science lovers in a research-oriented tech company, you will have the opportunity to work both on the best software and with the best practices: the best software is made by keeping ourselves updated in the fields of AI, ML and software development; we try and adopt the best agile methodologies to keep our work engaging and delivering a great product. We think the tech skills built at Eoliann should be transferable to any other great tech company and we pursue this objective. You will have a personal laptop, access to cloud resources for heavy computation, and you will take part in Eoliann’s Research Reading Club.
  • Competitive salary. Each team member plays a key role in making Eoliann grow. Our compensation package is highly competitive, and can grow rapidly, depending on your performance and seniority. For this position we defined a salary range between 30.000€ and 35.000€ but it’s not fixed in stone so if you think you deserve more, apply anyway!
  • Unlimited coffee ☕☕☕