Wipro Limited
Cebu City, Philippines
Added: March 21, 2024
  • Responsible for handling inbound and outbound calls from any part of the globe that the call originates from
  • Equipped to handle all general reservations and deal with changes to all reservations/tickets
  • Provide refunds to passengers and answer general airline and reservation queries
  • Handle Frequent Flyer program general queries
  • Able to make a service recovery in the event the agent understands that he has made a mistake or an error or get the same done through his supervisor
  • Timely follow up on any commitments made to the customer
  • Ensure accurate documentation of customer profiles/reservations
  • Handle customer complaints and provide first time resolution
  • Keep oneself updated, aware of, and compliant to all Company policies and procedures which include Information Security Management Systems
  • Grads/undergrads with 2 years completion in college and able to produce TOR.
  • SHS Graduate for new curriculum
  • Flexible to work in a 24X7 environment
  • Apply