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Jabberly App Allows To Get Real-Time Feedback From People At The Location

When you want to go out, you’d like to have a live feedback about what’s happening right now at the location. Yelp and Foursquare gives you great info about the general atmosphere, but it’s usually not real-time, so you might find review what to order but you won’t get information how busy it the bar tonight… Jabberly is trying to solve that problem and has launched an iOS app that allows people to use their mobile devices to ask questions about a particular location and get answers quickly from those who are already there.


Ok. But even if you’re social media savvy, giving real-time feedback to people asking is a kind of effort… Jabberly found a cool way to give users incentives by including a feature called jabberCRED that can be earned by providing insider tips and recommendations. These points can be used as virtual currency to receive real money vouchers. Currently the service operates on iPhones only in US with the biggest concentration in San Francisco.

Unfortunately the idea is not entirely new… you might already now Localmind… however the concept of giving users tangible incentives is really cool and this is what might the biggest future success factor of the app.

source: The Next Web

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Geo-Tagging helps fight corruption in Philippines

Geo-Tagging has been used in a lot of cool and fun ways in the past. Most of us would have geotagged friends on Facebook and other apps sometime or the other.

Word bank - Philippines to geotag to weed out corruption

Word bank – Philippines to geotag projects to weed out corruption

Imagine using geotagging to fight corruption in government projects in remote places. Innovative indeed!

The department of Agriculture in Philippines is now geotagging pictures and videos of their projects to help fight corruption. Well think about it – the idea is something very simple, very innovative.

The employees are armed with a GPS-enabled phone with internet connection and the application involves geotagging or attaching location information to pictures and videos and then uploading them to web based applications like Google which offer geotagging services for free.

This way the citizens are more aware of what is going on in their neighborhood and it ensures greater transparency in the execution of government projects.

Now who would have thought that geotagging can help fight corruption and improve project management. Employees from the Department of Agriculture  and local government in the Philippines didn’t believe that either. When Engineer Arnel de Mesa, Department of Agriculture first broached the idea, he heard the typically cynical  “This too shall pass” comment.

Today, De Mesa  is the deputy program director for the Second Mindanao Rural Development Program or MRDP2 being implemented by the Department of Agriculture. Through the involvement of local governments and rural communities, the project has been able to raise the average household income of beneficiaries by 16% from 2007 to 2011. A success that augurs well for the future.

Nowadays, de Mesa’s team is leading efforts to train their co-workers within the agency and outside the department on the use of geo-tagging for project management. Their innovative use of the technology is the first among government agencies in the Philippines, and among the pioneers in the region.

“The beauty of geo-tagging is that one does not have to be an engineer to learn it. Anyone can learn the ropes” – Arnel de Mesa!

Well, I cant agree more with you Engg. Mesa!!


Source: World Bank

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