Introduction to Satellite Navigation & GPS on Coursera


Majority of the Geospatial students and professionals are interested in developing applications that make use of the location information from the smartphone, be it HopOver or FourSquare or the latest location based game that Aleks wrote about few days back (GPS Tycoon).

Ever wondered as to how exactly your smartphone (or smart device) locates your position using GPS/GNSS?  If you have always wanted to explore and understand the fundamentals behind Satellite Navigation & GPS, then Coursera MOOC “GPS: An Introduction to Satellite Navigation, with an interactive Worldwide Laboratory using Smartphones” is going to be of interest to you.

It’s a six week course that starts today 13th October, 2014.  The MOOC is divided into 2 parts and Prof. Enge and Dr. Diggelen from Standford University will be delivering the lectures.

Part I. Fundamentals of GPS Introduction

Part II. Modern GPS receivers: cell phones, tablets and more!

The course is interesting as it not only discusses the basics of GPS and how it functions but also gets into the fundamentals behind Orbits and Receiver technology. In short, this is a really interesting course for anyone who wants to learn about Satellite based Navigation and Positioning.

Here’s the link to Introduction to Satellite Navigation & GPS course website and the Facebook page.

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