Interesting Web Cluster Map of about 350,000 Websites based on WebTraffic Volumes: Is your website featured?


Wow!,  Spatial Thinking seriously gaining ground. It is quite interesting that folks are massively realising that stories are better told with maps.

The guy, Ruslan Enikeev created a cool visualization of about 350,000 websites and 2 million links from 196 countries in graduated circle web cluster map based on  the scale of their traffic volumes. This is a fun visualization of web page ranking.

Try out the web map here and make your analysis, maybe you are gonna figure out some cool pattern trying to present there. You may notice some kind of proximity and correlation among the most popular sites (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Note: You have to zoom closer to some of the bubbles to see the website they represents.

Have Fun 🙂



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