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Indoor positioning using Earth’s magnetic field… possible in Finland.

Indoor positioning technologies are one of the most hot topics around Location-Based Services. We are already good at utilizing location outside, but micro-scale indoor LBS applications are something that will allow to monetize a lot of great ideas e.g. Location-Based Advertising inside malls.  Every university linked with ‘Geo-whatever’ is currently working on indoor positioning. Most ideas are based on WiFi of Bluetooth but  Finish start-up – spinoff from research at the University of Oulu – IndoorAtlas claims to have solved this problem using… compass.

The idea comes from the nature.  Animals such as sea turtles and birds are using changes in the Earth’s magnetic field to determine their locations. Using the same principals, IndoorAtlas has created the algorithm that uses the magnetic fields found inside the structure of buildings to position smartphone through compass. IndoorAtlas says that are able to achieve even 10 centimetres  accuracy, which would be something truly revolutionary. Imagine the you are navigated to product that you are searching with such a proximity.

And it’s not everything. IndoorAtlas is releasing their APIof so-called Indoor Positioning System (IPS) to select third-party developers, with the aim of creating an ecosystem around the technology before its public release. Sounds extremely cool!!!

source: Indooratlas,  The Verge, Trend Hunter 



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Windows Phone 8 – Offline Maps for everyone

Microsoft announced their new operating system Windows Phone 8. Surely it’s not gonna change attitudes of most Apple believers and users of Android, but one thing is undeniable, starting from Windows Phone 7 it looks really great.

Partnership of Microsoft and Nokia brings first results for other producers of Windows OS devices – offline Nokia maps with be available for all WP8 devices. It means that you will have access to free turn-by-turn navigation all over the world. It is important news as well for all lover of location-based apps. In combination with Nokia Location Platform now developers will be able to build at least some functionality that will work offline.

Good news.

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