India one step closer to its independent satellite navigation system


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is developing an indigenous position determination system that will potentially complement or even replace the Global Positioning System (GPS) operated by the US.

India is slowly moving towards its own desi (indigenous) navigation system with the aim to launch the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) – the first regional navigation for mobile phone. One of the posts talks about successful launch of this project and now India is ready to reap the results.


ISRO states that seven IRNSS satellites, once operational by July next year, will be significantly more accurate for the Indian territory than the GPS system. All the seven satellites are expected to be in orbit by March 2016. The IRNSS is expects the system to provide location accuracy of almost 20 metres. GPS accuracy offers a similar accuracy for India.

The advantage of IRNSS is that the navigation range has been designed to span around 1,500 km radius around India. Existing GPS system is not available at all places in India and signals are weak in remote areas. The IRNSS the signal will available with full accuracy equally throughout the country.


With this initiative, it is expected that India will undergo major change in Indian navigation system, manufacturing devices and its services. Interesting? Let us witness the change.

Source: ISRO, IndiaTimes

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