Indian Space Research Organization plans to launch its C23, a Polar Satellite Launching Vehicle. Why is this important?


Indian SAT GeoawesomenessIt is more about what this PSLV(Polar Satelite Launching Vehicle) will be carrying that is the important thing. SPOT 7, a French earth-observing satellite, will be carried on this rocket on Monday’s launch. SPOT 7, and SPOT 6(launched in 2012) will serve in tandem as an earth-observing constellation.

What is so significant about launching SPOT 7? The SPOT 7 has high-responding sensors. What this means is that the more data about the earth can be gathered. This satellite, as well as SPOT 6, will both be used for remote sensing.

The tandem of satellites have the ability to gather images up to 60 km wide. That isn’t all. On a daily basis, 6 million will be the coverage. To ascertain the greatest efficiency, weather forecasts are being included in the satellites automatically. This will reduce the amount of cloud cover found on most images.

That is just part of what makes these satellites important. Both satellites have a resolution of 1.5 metres. The images gathered from SPOT 6 and 7 will be beneficial for maps with a 1:25,000 scale.

Considering the aforementioned attributes of SPOT 7, in tandem with SPOT 6, this is why this launch is important.

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