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Image2Geographic-Coordinate: A new Location Referencing System

This reminds me of  one of my Reference System’s classes in the Institute for Geoinformatics Muenster, Germany, when the professor asked to mention different ways to reference a location. And guys were mentioning: lat-long, place name, IP address, Wifi triangulation, RFID triangulation, Bluetooth  and so on.

Wao!, If I knew, I could have stunned the class with this new referencing system called IM2GPS.

This is really a cool development; some smart researchers have come up with an algorithm to estimate the geographic coordinates of a photo/image using purely data-driven scene matching approach.

According to the research, we have over 6 million geo-tagged photos on the internet (for example on flickr), by running a computer image matching process on a photo over the 6 million geo-tagged photos on the net, the likelihood of getting a similar photo already geo-tagged on the internet is high. Hence the geographic coordinate of the photo in question can easily be abstracted from the geo-tagged match.

They also noted that the  ”geolocation estimates can provide the basis for numerous other image understanding tasks such as population density estimation, land cover estimation or urban/rural classification” and that sounds interesting.

Interested in getting the details of the research get this Paper and enjoy!  For more info, enjoy the GoogleTechTalk video below..

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WatchLock – the first padlock with GPS

Do you think you know everything about GPS gadgets? You are wrong! Starcom systems – Israeli company has recently launched their latest product called WatchLock – the first padlock with GPS and GSM module… How does it work? The product is equipped with accelerometer – the one that allows you to play need for speed by moving your iPhone. When it detects the movement it launches the GPS and sends text message to predefined number.

I believe that it’s targeted mostly to the business clients however I can imagine to have my bike locked with this kind of gadgets gadget. I would have to be however very expensive bike because retail price of Watchlock will be probably much over $300 + monthly subscription for the web platform and GSM services.

One thing is sure: it’s definitely good quality – gsm and gps modules are provided by Swiss manufacturer u-blox.

Anyway, if the price does not scare you, you can still watch the video below.

source: Starcom Systems, U-blox


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