How does the business world perceive Location intelligence?

The State of Location Intelligence 2018


We have all read the statement “everything happens somewhere, and 80% of all data has a spatial component” but in reality how does the business world perceive location intelligence? It’s easy to imagine Amazon and Walmart using Location intelligence to improve their businesses and increase their margins but does the industry see Location intelligence as crucial to their success? CARTO together in partnership with Hanover Research to answer these questions and more in their report “The State of Location Intelligence 2018“.

The State of Location Intelligence 2018

"State of Location Intelligence 2018" - report by Carto
“State of Location Intelligence 2018” – report by Carto

For the report, Carto surveyed over 200 business executives, data analysts, and business analysts working at midsize to large enterprises about their current and future plans to implement location intelligence and the results are quite insightful.

Goals of the survey 

It’s no secret that Carto has transformed itself from a data visualisation platform to a location intelligence platform. Their goals for the study give us a good idea of where their focus lies when it comes to location intelligence

  • How crucial business leaders saw LI with respect to the success of their companies.
  • The most common and useful business applications of LI across industries
  • The challenges that business executives and data practitioners saw when it comes to adopting Location Intelligence.
  • What successful businesses are doing to better prepare themselves for the rising importance of location data

Overview of the results 

Perhaps not surprisingly, over 94% of companies (with more than 500 employees) are collecting/storing location data. Wonder why 6% of organisations don’t collect location data.

Location data adoption at large organizations
Location data adoption at large organisations

In another interesting finding, a majority of the C-level executives believe location intelligence is crucial to the success of their institutions in the next 1-3 years and are planning to invest in it.

You can download the full report from Carto’s website.

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