#HEREWeGo: Say hello to the new HERE app

"Effortless City Navigation" with the new rebranded app from HERE


Say hello to HERE WeGo – that’s the new name for the HERE Maps app. The navigation app  famous for its offline functionality not only has a new name but also some interesting additions to make navigation easier especially in cities.




In addition to the regular transportation options (transit, bicycle, pedestrian, driving) – HERE WeGo also provides you information about car-sharing options from Car2Go. (Is this the beginning of a new trend? To name app with Go in the end? Car2Go, Pokemon Go, HERE WeGO,..hmm). If you love cycling, then you’ll be happy to hear that there are improvements to the bicycle routing as well.

“Effortless City Navigation” seems to be at the heart of the new HERE app, right from the getting rid of the “Find the route” button that used to be visible at the bottom of the app. Its a minor tweak but definitely a welcome one!

Its interesting that HERE WeGo has integrated Car2Go but not (yet?) the car-sharing service from BMW – DriveNow. There are several minor tweaks to the UI including the more darker colours at startup that give the app a refreshed look. Check it out and let us know what you think about it. #HEREWeGo 🙂

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