“HERE” : The latest location experience from Nokia


Nokia rebrands its digital mapping and location services with a new name titled “HERE”. HERE is no longer just an app, all of Nokia’s mapping and navigation services will be branded with the new name.

Its no more Nokia Maps or Nokia Drive! Its HERE Maps and HERE Drive!!

Along with LiveSight, a location based augmented reality experience which is currently Nokia Lumia exclusive, HERE is positioning itself to be a cross-platform location solutions provider. Kind of like the Google Glass concept.

Nokia has already launched a maps application for iOS under the HERE brand which includes offline capabilities, voice-guided walk navigation and public transport directions. Not wanting to sidestep Andriod, Nokia had earlier demonstrated an Android OS-based reference application and announced its plans for a HERE SDK for Android OEMs. Clearly looks like Nokia wants it all! Firefox, iOS, Andriod… Where’s Windows 8? Well, thats on top of the list actually. Interestingly the Finnish giant had earlier acquired EARTHMINE, a leading 3D Street level mapping specialist.

The Location Revolution just keeps getting better and better!!!

Get ready to the “HERE” Experience.

Source: Nokia

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