HERE eyes the great indoors, acquires Micello


Mapping company HERE, which has been concentrating on developing HD maps for self-driving cars and connected vehicles ever since it was acquired by Audi, BMW, and Daimler, is now looking at the great indoors. The mapmaker has scooped up one of the leading players of the indoor mapping ecosystem – Micello.

Founded in 2007, Micello was an early entrant to the indoor mapping scene, starting years before the likes of Apple, Google, and TomTom decided to take their mapping gear inside buildings, malls, airports, and museums. HERE joins the bandwagon only now, acknowledging that indoor mapping has become a key differentiator for digital mapping providers and the industry has huge growth potential.

This is because indoor mapping isn’t simply limited to providing navigation services indoors. The technology can be used for a number of applications like virtual and augmented reality solutions. Catering to businesses across North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, Micello already provides indoor mapping solutions for various markets, such as, the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, public safety, building management, automation applications, etc.

At HERE, this geospatial startup will become a part of the IoT division, working on applications like real-time tracking of goods, giving first and last mile guidance to connected vehicles, and more. For Leon van de Pas, Senior VP, Internet of Things at HERE, “The acquisition of Micello is an important strategic investment to rapidly grow our ecosystem of partners and accelerate our growth in indoor mapping.”

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Micello CEO Ankit Agarwal is positive that “HERE’s investment in indoor maps will significantly benefit our customers and Marketplace partners.” He has also assured that on the ground, it is going to be business as usual for Micello’s existing and future customers and partners. All the Micello platform APIs will continue to be supported, and the website will function normally. But over time, the platform will be transitioned over to a new customer portal on

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