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HERE app for Android downloaded 2.5M times

Here App Samsung Galaxy - Geoawesomeness

Recently we’ve been reporting a lot about HERE. It seems that there is a lot of going on after the change of their CEO last year. After releasing the HERE Maps Android Beta to Samsung Galaxy store in September and to all Android devices in October, Nokia officially released HERE Maps Android app to Google Play Store in mid December, 2014.

The first openly available developer versions of the app from October was a huge success with over 1 million downloads. But Nokia reports that over the last 3 weeks HERE app hit additional 1.5 m downloads from Google Play, which makes it in total 2.5m. Not bad at all. The first 1 million of users are probably early adopters like me who download every new geo app. The remaining 1.5m might be people who were travelling abroad during Christmas break, as the main advantage of HERE App compared to Google Maps is full offline mode:

HERE also announced a new app for iOS coming in 2015. Some of you might remember that HERE already made an attempt to release an iOS app, which was so terrible that it has been removed from the iPhone AppStore. Looking at the Android app, it seems that the second release will be much better.

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