HERE acquisition approved by German antitrust authority


Nokia HERE - Geoaweosmeness

In July we reported that HERE has been acquired by the consortium of German carmakers (BMW, Daimler and Audi) in the biggest mapping deal since… the acquisition of Navteq (predecessor of HERE) by Nokia and Tele Atlas by TomTom back in 2008.

Today it’s finally official. Gpsbusinessnews reports that the German antitrust authority has completed its review of the acquisition and has approved the agreement. Andreas Mundt, President of the authority commented:

“Our audit focused on the question of whether the merger could lead to the partitioning of other car manufacturers of digital map or whether the HERE competitor TomTom could be denied future access to automobile and supplier companies.”

The conclusions were apparently positive for HERE. Now we are waiting for the first steps under the new ownership. It will be interesting 1-2 years for the industry.

Aleks Buczkowski
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