Help the victims from wherever you are!


As Professionals, Scientists, Writers, Doctors, Students, or just as Humans we all are wondering to some extent – How can I contribute towards this? And yeah, I am talking about the recent typhoon in Phillipines. If I am not this broke, I would definitely send some money or take the next flight and be there, volunteer or do whatever I can to help improve the life of our fellow humans. But here I am, stuck in some other corner of the world, still wondering what could I possibly do.

For all the geoawesome people out there wondering the same way, here is your answer! Start Tagging!


Tomnod needs volunteers to identify the worst affected areas which could possibly be used in mitigation efforts. Digital Globe has created this using high resolution satellite imageries and they need lot of volunteers to help them tag all the areas, broken bridges, destroyed houses, roads or anything you can identify that has been destroyed.

Lets start tagging ! A small but in a realistic way, we could actually contribute!


I am just another one in seven billion people on this planet, with a small significant difference though. I always ask myself "why not"! That question added with a little curiosity has led me to travel and explore lot of possibilities so far. With a Bachelor's in Geoinformatics and a Masters in Geomatics, I have made my life more towards knowing lot more about our gē!



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