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A map for visualizing the location based news for all those news maniacs out there. HEATMAP NEWS – This is an interactive map that intensifies a location to a smoky blue to bright white based on the degree of news. One can filter the news for recent hours or view an aggregate news over a week from the present day. Deriving the news is just simple, on selecting the hotspot – list of news/ articles pops up for the desired City/State/Nation.

Heatmap news 2 Geoawesomeness Heatmap news 1 Geoawesomeness

Of course, there are options for a backward time travel to a specific date. And here, being so curious to test it, I have jumped to 25/04/2015 – A black day for Nepal, where the disastrous earthquake of magnitude 8.1 consumed the lives of over 8000 people leaving 21,000 injured.

Heatmap News on 26/05/2015
Heatmap News on 26/05/2015

But a complication with its usage is that one should type the date of the day after, if you want to hop into a desired date. Which means for news regarding the Paris attack instead of 30/11/2015, 31/11/2015 must be used. This issue is due to the fact that a surge of news/article occurs a day after any disaster or calamity.  The source is provided by Google News and is being collected since 18/08/2014, and no details will be obtained for any date before it. It also has some limitation of mediocre performance which makes it not so used/known. However, “Read you forget, see you remember”, in that perspective Heatmap gains in displaying a global view and magnitude of news from a region.

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