Guess where it is

Source: ESA

The featured image is neither a black and white photo nor a radar image – in latter case the bright areas would have been produced by strong/ absolute reflectors such as metal objects or sharp edges, which I have never seen extending over such a large surface. Indeed, the photo was taken by Sentinel-2 satellite on 11 January 2021 at 12:14 CET over Madrid, Spain and represents a true-colour image. Storm Filomenia, which hit Spain heavily on last weekend, covered parts oft the Iberian Peninsula such as the zone around the Spanish capital under a thick white blanket of snow. Real-life photos obtained by friends proofed a snow mantle of up to 50cm thickness. Even though the presented image was taken after weekend, the snow layer was considerable and still blanketed runways at the airport Barajas in the Northeast of the city centre. – The airport needed to be closed for days.

ESA’s Sentinel-2 mission consists of 2 satellites equipped by a high resolution camera that records the Earth’s surface in 13 spectral bands, among them bands in the visible range. The image was published on the website of ESA.

I ever since was passionate about topography and started my professional life on a local scale by doing landscape design. With the European Master in Geospatial Technologies I continue on a larger scale and find myself highly comfortable with this complete outsight on what surrounds us here and there. My special attention goes to the topic of remote sensing, which enables to find answers to a series of problems of environment and planning. For me, the geo-world holds a high potential to learn and create life. An awesome 'g'!


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