Google’s Self Driving Car: The coolest Navigation “solution” from google!


I am unable to start a conversation about Google without this random quote“Few decades down the lane, Google will be remember as a manufacturer of self-driving cars whose business started off as a search engine”. Well truth to be told, it increasingly looks like Google Maps is going to be the future STAR at Google Inc.

Looking at the tweets and FB posts regarding the latest updates from the Google Maps stable, it is already a STAR in every right.

Google’s self driving car: A new image that has been tweeted by Bill Gross (Founder of IdeaLabs) shows the car’s 360-degree field of view. Mr. Gross however did not mention the source of the image.

Google's self-driving car.
Google’s self-driving car.

Well, if I ever to copy the standard rhetoric online regarding this image “it looks like a image out of the Terminator Movie”.

To me it looks MORE like a Laser Point Cloud!! Can’t blame me for being a GEO geek, can you! 😉

The car is supposed to gather almost 1 GB of data per second and analyzes the road ahead for potential hazards. Google launched the car back in 2010 but was not given a license to test it until May last year and so far  the testing has been positive.

The car uses Google maps and 15 cm resolution models of the world that include lane information. It utilizes real time laser data to measure where other cars and vehicles are. Besides it also analyzes speed, traffic signals and much more.


Google Maps in action
Laser scanning in action


Laser scanning measurements translated into objects

I simply can’t stop getting excited about this technology from Google. Amazing isn’t it. Not to forget the patent that Google recently applied for Augmented reality navigation. 

Source: DailyMail



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