Google’s Santa Tracker – explore Christmas by tracking Santa’s footsteps


Christmas is just around the corner. It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree, stuff stockings, drink eggnog with friends and most importantly… Open gifts. When I was a kid I was always looking forward for this time of the year. It was magical. I counted each day till X-mas, and I remember how much I was frustrated. Oh boy, it worked on my nerves.

Today, I feel a little nostalgic about these times… That’s why each year I really enjoy Google’s “Santa Tracker” project. It’s an interactive Christmas website that for the past 12 years teaches, entertains and explores Santa’s world for children. Of course for us the most important part of the project is tracking St. Nick on Google Maps but this is just a part of the story. The website brings a lot of cool Christmas games and other goodies.

Each day of December, Google was unlocking a new game or experience with a strong emphasis on learning, including practicing basic coding skills, geography tests, or learning different languages. My favourite one is an interactive map which pinpoints a certain location and explores its tradition and history.

But the best I left for a dessert. Tracker gets a Pokemon Go-like feature – “Present Quest” available on Android. The new game requires you to walk around your city in order to collect virtual presents.  Google said “From games that introduce basic concepts of coding to global holiday traditions, Google’s Santa Tracker encourages holiday learning experiences in a fun way” –  especially if your little ones are impatient like I was back then it can add a charm to their watch.

SOURCEGoogle Santa Tracker
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