Google’s latest: Augmented Reality GPS Navigation


Sometime in the recent past, I remember reading an article that ended like this “In the future, Google will be remembered as a manufacturer of futuristic cars whose business started out as a search engine”

Google’s latest patent titled “Panoramic Images within driving directions” does only augment that thought process! Google seriously has to consider renaming its Cloud space to something else. Google DRIVE has to be renamed to reflect their Augmented Reality GPS Navigation ideas!

The patent brings together augmented reality & Google’s street view and is really interesting to know about. It certainly isn’t ground breaking but surely one has to admit the functional thinking behind the patent.

Today’s navigation systems involve taking our eyes off the road. We need to focus on the 5′ inch displays to check our route. Enter Google, they are planning to overlaying objects that users are familiar with today’s navigation system. With 3-D models, live video feeds, 360 video and images, soon your navigation could be displayed on your windshield!

Imagine the joy of seeing your windshield with images that indicated how far your favorite restaurant is or maybe how long you need to travel in the current traffic condition to reach your office.

Google's Augmented GPS Navigation Patent
Google’s Augmented GPS Navigation Patent

In a sense, this patent is about taking Google Glass to the next step! To a bigger screen!

Gosh, if they continue in this manner Google will surely be remembered for Location Based Services and Maps more than their other flagship products!

Source: Engadget

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