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Google Maps will be all about ads with sponsored pins and logos


Google spends $1 bln each year to keep Maps up-to-date and to make the user experience better. It is not surprising that the company wants to get the return on investment…

In a blog post Google announced that it will start experimenting with new ad types. It will offer brands more customisation options for example showing logos instead of pins for physical business locations on Google Maps.


These “promoted pins” as Google calls them will appear when you browse the map but also in a driving mode, so it will show you logos of stores and coffee shop along your route. When you tap on a pin you will display special offers or coupons and the ability to browse the store’s inventory.

Google will also start interfering with search results in Maps. The highest bidders will be higher in search results. These promoted brands will be identified as an ad with a small purple box next to the logo.

It is not surprising that the company which earns 95% of its revenues on advertising and has almost half a billion people using Maps wants to leverage it. Lets just hope that it’s not going to be a change for worse.

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    • The logos won’t hurt (as long as they are not too intrusive). I don’t like the ads in search results though.

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