Google Maps recent update integrates Street View for turns


Many a times when we navigate with Google maps to an alien city which is added with a compromising GPS accuracy, we are confused whether to take this left turn or the next left and to realize that we will have to take a U-turn as we had already crossed the required one. Assuming majority are confused whether they are travelling in the right direction or not, Google Maps’ recent update has come to the aid.

The visual improvements

Amidst Google I/O 2017, Google silently rolled out the new update that puts a visual prompt first noticed by Android Police. Google Maps now provides street view images for turn-by-turn navigation so that we can ensure that we take correct turns. Google maps have also added a location info tab at the bottom which doesn’t make a great difference in terms of navigation but lets users to easily switch to the directions tab which was previously represented by FAB (Floating Action Buttons).

How does the navigation work?

Well, the working doesn’t require any additional efforts from the user. When you enter your location and destination, the navigation begins. The bottom of the screen displays the route info and the preview option in a much identifiable way than the previous versions. On touching upon the route info all the navigation turns are displayed coupled with street view images that can be swiped across to view the 360 degree surroundings. Moreover the street view image is oriented along the navigation route i.e., the images are displayed from the Driver’s point of view. With all such in-depth updates, it’s hard to claim yourself lost en route!

SOURCEAndroid Police
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