Know before you go with Google Maps’ new Q&A feature

Try it out if you’re going to a place you’ve never been to!


Google Maps Questions and answers feature

You know all those times you had to juggle between Google Maps and other apps because you wanted to find out more about the place you were visiting: Does this restaurant have happy hours? Do they offer a group discount? Does the museum allow photography on the premises? A new feature being rolled out to Google Maps for Android and mobile Search users across the globe is going to make this process a lot easier!

With an aim to assist prospective customers, Google is adding a new ‘Questions & answers’ (Q&A) section to the local business listings in Maps and Search. Just open a business listing and scroll down till you spot the Question and answers tab. You can either post your question or see if a similar one already exists.

If you post a new question, Google will ping the business owner to let them know about the query. Google is also trying to rope in its expert Local Guides with this feature and has allowed the broader community to answer as well. In this scenario, there is always a chance that an answer might not be up to the mark. So, Google is providing a system for ‘upvoting’ helpful answers, ensuring that the relevant content is always at the top of the pile.

Alternatively, business owners can add frequently asked questions by themselves to save potential patrons from the trouble and make sure that the information provided on the page is correct. If you do ask a question, you will swiftly get a notification as soon as it is answered by someone in-the-know.

Google hasn’t specified when this feature will become available for iOS users, but it is certainly guaranteeing its position as the primary source of location-based information with this feature.

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