Google Maps Gallery: The “Map Search Engine”



Google Inc has launched its latest service – Google Maps Gallery. The Maps Gallery is an interactive digital atlas which allows us to search for maps that were essentially uploaded onto Google’s service by google and other organisations; National Geographic, World Bank Group, United States Geological Survey are some of the notable names in that list. The data is also set to be available on Google Earth.

It’s really an interesting development and though at this point, the Maps Gallery is not really a one-stop-search for Maps (more maps need to be added and so on), this service has the potential to develop into a “map search engine”; Just like the search engine for text and images that we take for granted today.

In the official Google Maps Blog, Jordan Breckinridge, Google Maps Product Manager has this to say about Google Maps Gallery:

If you’ve ever wondered which trails Lewis & Clark traveled for their famous expedition, or looked for maps of the best schools in your region, you may have found yourself scouring the web without much luck. The best results for your search may come from governments, nonprofits and businesses, but historically that information has been hard to find or inaccessible to the public. Well, now, with the new Google Maps Gallery, it’s easier for you to find maps like those all in one place.

Google Maps Gallery: Simply GEOAWESOME 🙂


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