Google Maps for iOS has just got the support for multiple destinations

Last month Google has rolled out a new feature for Maps on Android which lets you add multiple waypoints on your route. Now it’s also available on Google Maps for iOS.

When you open the app, search for a location and click on the routing button, you’ll notice a three dots on the top right corner (it’s an options menu). When you click on the ‘Add stop’ button Google will add your initial destination as a waypoint and will give you an option to add another points. Unfortunately you cannot change the mean of transportation in between the stops.

Google Maps Multipoint destination Geoawesomeness

It’s a simple but long-awaited feature that was one of the key differentiators between Google and premium navigation app providers. It’s time to say that loud. Google might not be the best navigation app out there (at the end there are still players like HERE and TomTom among others) but it’s definitely hard to beat.

Good job Google Maps team!

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