Google discontinues location-based service “LATITUDE”

Google axes its location-based service LATITUDE
Google axes its location-based service LATITUDE

Google Inc has announced that it is going to pull the plug on it’s location based service LATITUDE.

Latitude, a location based app allows you to find your friends and family on a map and share where you are with the people you choose, but no longer! The service will be stopped from 9th August, 2013. Latitude will be the latest entrant to the list of services that Google has stopped in the recent times, some of these services have actually been very popular. Google Reader being an ideal example for a popular service that was discontinued recently.

I say, well done Google! You guys made the right move by closing down Latitude. Latitude was an app that lacked functionality. It only allows you to check in and let your friends and family know your geographic location. With the likes of FourSquare around, Latitude seemed to lack a bit of imagination. Latitude was perhaps the precursor to such location based “Check In” apps but it’s time is up.¬†Google is urging people who want to share their locations to use the company’s Google+ app on Android.

Google latitude discontinued – Here’s the link to the announcement regarding Latitude.

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