Google Cardboard – paper Virtual Reality set now supports Street View


Google Cardboard - Geoawesomeness

One year ago, Google introduced its first step into the world of virtual reality with an unexpected project called Google Cardboard. It allows users to slot their smartphone into a do-it-yourself cardboard viewer. When looked through you can interact with various Google services. Basically affordable VR headset for masses.

Yesterday Google announced that Cardboard is now available in 39 languages and over 100 countries for both Android and iOS. With this update Google also announced a full Cardboard support for the Google Street View app.

The company prepared for that released for some time. Couple of months ago Google added a button to switch to Cardboard view and couple of locations to test it. Now you can virtually visit anyplace in the world where StreetView is available.

We haven’t tested it yet but Venturebeat says it’s a lot of fun. Let us know when you check it out yourselves.


Aleks Buczkowski
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