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Global diplomacy map shows the magnitude of the world’s diplomatic networks


Global Diplomacy Index Map - Geoawesomeness

Really interesting mapping project has been created by The Lowy Institute for International Policy based on their Global Diplomacy Index. The interactive tool maps and ranks the diplomatic networks of all forty-two G20 and OECD nations.

Global Diplomacy Index is based on a number of country’s embassies, consulates, multilateral missions and “other” representations as well as by the size of its diplomatic network. The map visualizes these networks, showing by type and location almost 6000 diplomatic missions in nearly 700 cities across the globe. The large blueish circles represent the size of each G20 and OECD country diplomatic network. When you select a particular country you’ll visualise the lines to each country where it has a diplomatic office.

The map highlights gaps and concentrations in diplomatic networks, and indicates strengths and weaknesses in geographic coverage and geopolitical reach. The number one in the world is unsurprisingly the U.S. with post in 270 cities, followed by France with 267 and China with 257 posts. On the bottom of the list we’ve got small European countries: Iceland, Luxembourg and Estonia.

Really cool project.

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SOURCEThe Lowy Institute
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