GIS makes trick-or-treating more alive


Trick-or-treat is a long time tradition on Halloween day which is right around the corner and fast approaching. On Halloween day, finding out the hot spot for candies is never be the easy and safe task for children.

But, Nextdoor, a private social network for neighborhood, lets neighbors communicate with each other about everything from local schools to local crime, is now turning its focus to Halloween. Mobile apps are also available for both iOS and android.

Nextdoor's Treat map


Its now offering “Treat map” which will let users know which house has got what candy, and how children can have a safe trick or treating experience.

In case, anyone wants to handing out candy, he can post the information using treat map. The company takes this information and plots the addresses onto an interactive map. A candy corn indicates a Halloween-friendly house and the mobile app shows your location on the map, so you can easily plot your trick-or-treating route.

So, this time Halloween goes hi-tech with GIS technology and wish you happy and safe Halloween. !!!

Source: NBCBayArea

Thogiti Prem Kumar
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