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Geotoko – managing multiple location-based marketing campaigns.

Geotoko is a location based marketing platform using services like Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook places, Yelp or Twitter to allow brands, business and agencies to create their own branded location-based promotions. Founders of Geotoko realized that managing deals in multiple location-based services might be challenging and by leveraging existing API’s, they have created platform that integrates all of them in one. By creating simple self serve tools to create, manage and track promotional campaigns and reward loyal costumers, Geotoko aims to reduce the friction for businesses to get into the growing geo-location trend.

Geotoko allows to:

  • Build Promotions On Multiple Location-Based Platforms – With Geotoko’s easy-to-use campaign wizard, you can create engaging location-based promotions for Foursquare, Facebook Places & Gowalla within minutes.
  • Live Visitor Tracking & Heat Map Technology – Get access to powerful real-time location analytics, analyze user check-in behavior and gather competitive intelligence using Geotoko’s Heat Map technology.
  • Manage Multiple Locations In One Place – Easily upload and manage thousands of locations on one powerful platform. We’ll automatically match your locations to venues on Foursquare & Facebook Places.

Besides integrating most popular platforms Geotoko provides users with tools to perform analysis of the campaign: real-time analytics to measure your campaign’s performance and ROI, customers’ behavior, and how various locations and services perform.

Watch a demo of Geotoko:

source: http://geotoko.com/

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Google Earth Builder

Google has just announced new cloud service for geospatial data that will be available to the public in June 2011 (UP-DATE: on the 12th of September I received email from Google that they “are excited to make Google Earth Builder commercially available later this year” – so the it seems that they have a delay in lunching the service). With Google Earth Builder organizations can upload and manage spatial data from multiple departments. Costs of investment in spatial databases and GIS software are very often significant. There is as well problem of visualizing and analyzing data remotely on mobile devices. Such technologies exist however they are not available to regular user. Google Maps and Earth revolutionized mapping and the way how people use it. Users know it. They are not affright of it.

So what does Google Earth Builder offers?

Create Custom Map Layers

  • Process complex geospatial data quickly and efficiently – for streamlined viewing of large geospatial data files.
  • Access Google’s extensive basemap – Imagery, roads, points of interest from Google to complement your data investments.
  • Create custom map layers for Google Earth and Maps – with Google Earth Builder’s intuitive map creation tools.
Manage Geospatial data
  • Scale services for traffic spikes – Google’s cloud platform scales to support unanticipated spikes in user traffic.
  • Reduce server Costs – significantly lower IT costs and eliminate time maintaining, scaling and updating software and servers.
  • Control source data and attribution – set attribution on custom map layers and share access to the data without sharing the raw data files.
Share custom Google Earth and Maps Layers
  • View maps anywhere, anytime – laptop, desktop, home, work, mobile, etc.
  • Share maps across departments – custom Google Earth and Maps layers can be shared with one person or a group of people.
  • Visually analyze geospatial data – without required technical GIS training to create a map


So how can your organization benefit from Google Earth Builder?
    • Anytime, Anywhere Access: view your maps from any computer or Internet-enabled device


  • Speed & Scale: process your complex geospatial data quickly and efficiently; effortlessly scale to manage traffic spikes (e.g., in case of emergency)
  • Lower Cost: significantly reduce IT costs and eliminate time spent buying, maintaining and patching software and servers
  • Constant Innovation: just refresh the browser for the latest features
  • Secure Storage & Recovery: benefit from Google’s industry-leading security; no longer worry about storage limits and backups; data backed up to multiple data centers for near-instant recovery

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