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Geospatial for Good! How Geoawesomeness and You can support humanitarian geospatial organizations

We have started the Geoawesomeness blog and the community over 10 years ago because we had a strong belief that geospatial technology has the power to make the world a better place! It provides data and analytics to combat climate change and inequality, improve sustainability, optimize business processes and support decision making. These are all great but very high-level concepts.

There are however organizations that take it to the very local level and bring the geospatial technologies to humanitarian response and economic development. Their work focuses on immediate responses to natural disasters, political crises and other destructive events as well as projects designed to mitigate or plan for disaster risk or economic development. Such work is launched where up-to-date geographic data is needed and where such data is being used or will be used by local communities and responders.

The two organizations we want to support are the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and MapAction. We’ve been promoting their work for a very long time but we WANT and NEED to do more… and we need YOUR HELP!

We have planned several actions to support MapAction and HOT but the two main are:

For the next two months, we will donate 1$ for every subscription to Geoawesomeness NewsletterTo support simply subscribe and will we donate up to 1000$ and divide it 50/50 for MapAction and HOT.

Geospatial for Good – Geoawesomeness Digital Meetup

On December 7, we are organizing the Geospatial for Good Digital Meetup to bring awareness about the work MapAction and HOT do to the geospatial community and organize fundraising. You can register for the event here.

Together we can make a difference! We count on your support and participation in the event! For Geoawesomeness this is just the beginning, we aim to continue the Geospatial for Good campaign in 2022, we want to activate our community and network to make a difference.

Let’s support HOT and MapAction together!

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Geoawesomeness Digital Meetup Schedule for 2021

Geoawesomeness Digital meetup is all about bringing the spatial community together and enabling interactions within the community whether it’s for fun and/or profit. And along the way, we hope that the meetup will help us all better understand how location data and technology are transforming the world for the better.

We are quite excited about our digital meetup series and it’s great to see that you are excited about it as well! We promise it’s going to be #geoawesome! In the meantime, if you have ideas/suggestions for us to make this a regular feature on your calendar, do let us know!

Interested in working with us?

Interested in hosting an event together with the team? Let’s talk! Send an email to info@geoawesomeness.com

Upcoming Events


Digital Meetup #20 7th December 2021 – Geospatial for Good (proudly supported by Geoawesomeness and our community)

Missed a presentation?

Watch all the presentations on Geoawesomeness YouTube Channel.

Past Events

Digital Meetup #9 on 18th February 2021 – Location, Location, Location: Using travel time and transport data for making business decisions (supported by TravelTime)

Digital Meetup #10 on 24th March 2021 – Location Intelligence and the Counter-drone use case (supported by Carmenta)

Digital Meetup #11 on 8th April 2021 – 5D Location Intelligence and Situational Awareness (supported by Luciad Hexagon Geospatial)

Digital Meetup #12 on 28th April 2021 – Unlocking Geospatial Technology for Game Engines (Supported by Cesium)

Digital Meetup #13 on 6th May 2021 – Common Operating Picture for Real-time Geospatial threats (supported by DataCapable)

Digital Meetup #14 on 23rd June 2021 – Maps, IoT, and Smart Cities (supported by GreyMatter)

Digital Meetup #15 on 28th July 2021 – Reality Capture, Drones and Analytics (supported by DroneDeploy)

Digital Meetup #16 5th August 2021 – Advanced Construction and Engineering (Supported by Cesium)

Digital Meetup #17 23rd September 2021 – Property Data-as-a-Service (supported by LoveLand Technologies)

Digital Meetup #18 6th October 2021 – The Future of Mobility (supported by GreyMatter)

Digital Meetup #19 4th November 2021 – Four stories about sustainable transportation and logistics (Supported by TomTom)

Digital Meetup #1 to #8 were held in 2020 – information and details available here https://geoawesomeness.com/2020-geoawesomeness-digital-meetup-schedule/

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