Geospatial Expert Panel – Osamu Ochiai – 2022 Top 100 Geospatial Companies


Geoawesomeness team is delighted to announce Osamu Ochiai, Senior Engineer, Manager for Satellite Applications and Operation Center at Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency joins us as an expert on the panel for the 2022 Top 100 Geospatial Companies.

Osamu has experienced for more than 25 years to develop Earth observation satellite data and information system and possesses scientific and technical expertise in JAXA. He has advocated throughout his career the use of satellite EO data in various stakeholders in Japan and internationally.

He had been seconded to the Intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Secretariat totally 7 years as an Earth observations Architecture and Data Expert. He served a co-chair of GEO Programme Board during 2018 and 2019. He also serves the CEOS Lead role for Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI) as one of GEO Flagships and a co-Lead for EO4SDG as one of GEO Initiatives.

Osamu is Senior Engineer in Satellite Applications and Operation Center (SAOC), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan. He also serving Technical Advisor of Ministry Education, Culture, Sports and Science, Technology (MEXT), Japan.

Since 2016, Geoawesomeness has been publishing this annual list to enable the community to identify companies across the world working on geospatial topics and to foster collaboration.
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I am one of those passionate "Geo-geeks" and "Geo-people" who is just too excited about everything Geo and Management. Location information and spatial technologies are just too big to take a back seat and watch them revolutionize the world. Always curious and looking for ways to innovate, I guess that it comes naturally by the gene pool I inherited from an engineer Mom and a researcher Dad.


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