Geography, More Than You Think



Encouraging more people to take the subject of geography seriously. There are many misunderstandings regarding what geography is about. It seems like the one way to understand the subject is to actively seek it out. There need to be another way of showing the importance of geography. A new paradigm must take place.

For starters, one must understand that geography is a very broad subject. It covers a multitude of fields. It is far more than memorizing the capitals of states. It is understandable that this is often what is seen. However, it only scratches the surface. There is both physical geography and human geography. It covers so much from weather, climate, and tourism, to transportation, remote sensing, and GPS navigation.

Another concept to understand is that geography is dynamic. Things are constantly changing. Migration patterns, erosion, earthquakes, planning of cities. Change is constant, and geography is a reflector of such changes.

In order to understand geography, one must understand that this subject is broad and dynamic. Stay tuned for more details on these two concepts.

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I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a BA in Geography. I have been interested in geography from a young age. I won 5 school geography bees, and participated in 3 state level geography bees. I am a Geo-Blogger. I have my own blog about geography, PanGeographic. I also have my own youtube channel, GeographicScholar.


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