#GeoChat “Maps for Machines” Summary


    29th February was a special day for us at Geoawesomeness, as we hosted our first Twitter Q&A #GeoChat with John Ristevski, Vice President of Reality Capture and Processing at HERE (Related: Calling all map lovers: What’s a #geochat and why you should participate). We had an awesome time during #GeoChat and in case you missed it, here’s a chronological summary of what happened.

    The never ending waiting to kick-off the chat

    Question 1: 

    The Twitter community is alive 😉

    Question 2:

    20 mins have already go by! Twitter Q&As can be really fast 🙂

    Question 3: 

    Aleks decided to go rogue 😉 V2V Communications, Open Data and more…

    Its time for Question 4:

    A little fun on the side

    Back to the serious stuff…

    Can AI power the maps? Question 5:

    Okay, its close to the end… Lets make things a bit more relaxed. Speaking of which,

    Time to look into the crystal ball

    And curtains!!

    Stay tuned for the next #GeoChat 😉

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