#GeoawesomeQuiz 20 – Continents. Every score below 100% is a disaster!

After last week’s Satellite Challenge Quiz we decided to do something easier. Continents. This on the other hand means that if you score below 100% you should go back to primary school!

Remember to share your score with the world! And to check out our other GeoawesomeQuizzes!

[mlw_quizmaster quiz=20]

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Ultradistancia – new project by Argentinian artist transforms Google Earth into phychedelic evidence of human existance.

Cool project from Argentinian artist, academic and veteran traveller Federico Winer called Ultradistancia. The artist takes Google Earth shots from around the world and transforms it into a stunning image of environments both built and natural.

Winer manipulates color of satellite images to create a psychedelic visualization. It combines a chaos of super highways with incredible abandon farmlands or cargo shipments. It shows familial places in a way that they are difficult to recognize.

Check it out. It couldn’t stop watching.


Central+Park+2-2 Abu+dabi+III+3-2 Cuba+3-2 BRASILIA+12


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