Foursquare makes it easy for startups to access its location database

The popular Places API now has a dedicated commercial tier aimed at startups and small businesses


Seems like startups and small businesses are on the radar of most location tech companies. Close on the heels of Waze launching a dedicated platform that allows local business owners to advertise on the Google-owned navigation app for as little as $2 comes another big announcement for small businesses. This time from Foursquare.

The location intelligence company has released a new product called Places API for Startups. The API would allow small businesses to enable location sharing, venue search, get details of venue (like business hours and tips), and more in their apps. Using this API, startups can integrate into their apps reviews written by Foursquare users, as well as the tips and photos shared by them.

The product acts as the middle ground between Foursquare’s free Places API for non-commercial applications and the one with which it caters to big enterprises like Twitter, Snapchat, Uber, etc. As a key differentiator, the startups API will give developers access to four tips and photos per venue, while the enterprise account allows unlimited access. But the commercial license that comes with the startup tier allows for unlimited apps per account.

In an interview with Street Fight magazine, Foursquare’s VP of global sales strategy and operations, Peter Krasniqi, said, “We’re already helping some of the world’s biggest companies power contextual experiences that otherwise would not be possible without access to our best-in-class location database and understanding of more than 105 million places around the world, and we’re excited to help companies of all sizes and stages do the same.”

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